There are numerous communications tools out there. Not all will work for your business and you must choose what will work for you, to target your specific audience. One thing that should remain the same across all techniques,  consistency in messaging and style.

This page will discuss tips for writing, pointers for enhancing different styles and ways of choosing what is right for your audience.

Copywriting for effective marketing collateral

Successful marketing collateral needs to be visually stimulating, but more importantly, needs to tell the intended audience, what a product/service does, the value it brings and why a reader should be interested in learning more.

Whilst it needs to be dynamic and athsetically pleasing to catch the readers intitial attention, it must also be detailed, gramatically sound and convey the your key messages.

If your marketing content is not reflective of what you are offering, is misleading or if your spelling and grammar is appalling, the audience is not going to take you seriously and your messages are going to get lost in an extremely saturated market.

When creating your marketng collateral consider the following points:

Write for the audience

Remember your audience at all times. They might not be aware of your product/service, so you need to educate them and give clear and high-impact information is easy to read. If your collateral is too text heavy, your readers will soon lose interest. Give them the info they would like to know and can relate to.

Do not over advertise your company

People are instantly put off by sales messages, doing this, will instantly scare people away. Giving a short description about your company, which includes key facts and achievements, at the end of your marketing collateral is a good idea. Starting your document with arrogant over the top information about your company will have a negative effect on the reader.

Create different collateral for different audiences

You may create separate documents for different industries, company types, products, services, users, etc. You can also create short, detailed, online and offline versions of the same document.

Only give the vital information

Be to-the-point and get your messages out first. Most professional documents come straight to the point, proceed logically, and end with an impact. Too many messages will confuse the audience.

Make attractive collateral in harmony with your brand imagery

Employ a communications professional or an experienced designer to give a design twist to your collateral and ensure consistency across all types of collateral. Design should enhance the content, not overtake it. Make sure that your brand imagery or identity is maintained across different types of collateral.

Basic principles of web copywriting

Writing effective web copy is essential to ensuring the audience can understand how your website works, what key messages you are trying to express and how they can benefit from visiting your site.

There are a number of basic principles for writing good web copy, which will assist your search engine optimisation and get your website noticed.

The key thing to remember is people do not read websites the same way they read print material.

Web users are active, not passive. If your site is slow loading, text heavy and boring or if your message is not immediately apparent, visitors will not see a reason to stay on your site.

 Web users have four main boxes to tick when they visit your site, “What am I doing here?,” “How do I do it?,” “What’s in it for me?,” and “Where can I go next?”

It is important that the design elements of your site are easy to navigate through, but even more important that you key messages are easily found and immediately recognised.

Keep your copy short, clear, simple and use links through to longer copy if it is necessary.

Even if a reader requires more information, they will not necessarily be willing to put much effort into reading a text heavy page.

By separating paragraphs, using helpful headings, sub-headings and bulleted lists, you can still include all the information that is necessary, without your site becoming boring.

The most important thing to remember when writing web copy is to remain consistent in your messaging and focused on communicating with your intended audience.


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